Saving Cha’alt on a Budget

First off, for purposes of full disclosure, I was a backer for Venger Satanis’ most recent Cha’alt publication, Saving Cha’alt. I’m a huge fan of Cha’alt and I figured that, for $5, I could get another 20 or so pages of goodness. Little did I know that when Venger sets his mind to something, a […]

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A new look!

Nothing special to report other than I was advised by a buddy of mine that my blog was not formatting correctly when viewed from a phone. Come to find out my blog was using an old template that is no longer supported. *shrugs* Who knew? Given this update I am going to take the time […]

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I love goblins. They have been a staple in my games since I started playing back in the late 80s. I started in Basic, ye ‘ol Red Box, then moved to AD&D 2E, with 1E as a source for supplemental material when needed. The goblins were a perfect low-level villain that can scale as an […]

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