A new look!

Nothing special to report other than I was advised by a buddy of mine that my blog was not formatting correctly when viewed from a phone. Come to find out my blog was using an old template that is no longer supported. *shrugs* Who knew?

Given this update I am going to take the time to announce a new project…well, two new projects. The first is an OSR romp through the State of New York circa 1600s when the state was a colony of the Dutch. It was called New Amsterdam back then. I’m in the opening stages of research right now. Interesting stuff. My plan is to make this more like a west marches style game where the players begin at Fort Orange (now called Albany) and head west (no pun intended) to explore the land, hunt for beaver pelts (which was a huge market back then), and see what trouble they can get themselves into. At this time, the Iroquois Nation was at war with the Algonquins which predominantly took place in the Finger Lakes region more towards modern day Buffalo. I’m looking forward to putting this together. Stay tuned for updates.

My second project involves starting a live play channel on YouTube. I’m not sure how popular this stuff is but I do like watching them. I have no intention of creating a Critical Role. I just have a couple of cool ideas and I would like to use this as a means of showcasing modules, games, and supplements that I think are worth picking up. Stay tuned for that too!

Anyway, as always, thank you for reading!