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“Of Dice and Men” a play by Cameron McNary

Critical Hits blog writer, Vanir, posted an interesting article concerning a play called “of Dice and Men”.  The play is about two friends wherein one enlists to go to Iraq.  It is an exposition of gamers and their relationships.   The author, Cameron McNary said of his motivation:

“I wanted to write about the kinds of gamers I knew, not the cheeto-stained, overweight, mom’s-basement-living stereotype, but the highly-functional, attractive, fun-to-be-around folks I game with.” 

In any event, this author is attempting to do the impossible and portray gamers in an honest light, as opposed to the geeky light that pop culture is so quick to use.  If you have $5 to spare, help this guy out. 

Attached is a YoutTube clip of the writer, Cameron McNary, promoting his play “Of Dice and Men”.